Adorable Horse With Contagious Smile Is The Biggest Chionopile

While we are alive now, the normal flow of life around the world has been disrupted by viruses that kill many people, especially those over the age of 50 and those with weak immunity. Unfortunately, we cannot live a normal life and need to interrupt all our daily activities, including fun activities such as horseback riding. Many people want to ride a horse, but because they can get infected with the virus and can meet someone even if they don’t belong to a group of people at risk. , Now it’s dangerous. ..

This is the reason why such activities are banned, especially in Western and East Asian countries, and some of these countries are not even allowed to go for a walk. But like any other difficult situation, the whole world will experience it.

However, it is our responsibility to play our part and stop the spread of this life-threatening virus. You shouldn’t be afraid, just be careful. It’s a good idea to stay home and watch nice horse movies and videos.

Meet Stesson, a horse who loves to roll in the snow and always wants to be white! The owner of Stetson filmed him while he played a good role in the snow. Obviously, the horse was enjoying the game every second while the lab coat covered half of his paw. Stetson doesn’t seem to care much about his health, and horse owners know how difficult it is to keep these animals healthy in the winter. This happy horse stabbed his face in the snow and rolled like a carefree kid.

The other horses in this video don’t seem to like snow as much as Stetson. Stetson played and spent the time of his life while all of them took a leisurely stroll in the snow. I know most of the horses out there love snow, but I suspect he’s found one of the biggest fans of this. Check out the video below and have fun!