Abandoned Pit Bull Found Chained To A Tree Becomes The Most Adorable Dog

Abandoned Pitbull Chained To Tree Gets Beautiful Rescue - Inspirational  Videos

Bless this man for saving this little dog and bless the couple for adopting and loving this sweet fur baby!

The bulldog, tied to a tree in front of the abandoned house, made an interesting recovery with the help of a rescuer.

Officer Nick of the Center for Animal Control in Fulton County, Georgia, discovered the dog after receiving a call. Her neck is severely scratched by the chain wrapped around her neck, and she is starving. The dog screamed directly when she saw him, very grateful to find someone.

Her eyes begged him for help and her tail didn’t stop waving. Officer Nick reached out his hand to help the dog.

The staff who took her to their hideout turned to Hell Bull to rescue Jason Pratt, founder of Friends of the Forsaken. Zoe (called Cammy by the rescue team at the time) hugged Jason as soon as she saw him.

Jason immediately took her to the veterinarian to treat her.

Over the next 7 months, she received treatment, gained weight and recovered. So the moment her new family met her, they knew they wanted to give her home forever.

Zoe has become a healthy dog ​​and her new family says she can be a quiet and obedient dog. She gets along well with everyone and loves puppy daycare. It’s heartbreaking to see the photos about how she was found knowing she was abandoned, starved and nearly died alone! But Zoe is the happiest dog right now, and that matters!