Abandoned Dog, Almost Hopeless Rescued And Given New Life

When a compassionate person saw a dog abandoned on a local road, he turned to the Muradenovatsu Dog Rescue Center for help. After a desperate call, several rescuers arrived shortly to help the injured animal. Thanks to the help of a caring man, they finally found a dog house. He walked around looking for food and crossed the lane from side to side. He was scared and hungry.

One of the rescuers tried to approach him, but it didn’t help because the poor dog was afraid of the people. When the dog saw the rescue team, he ran through and entered the courtyard. He seemed to think these guys would hurt him. After several attempts, the man decided to trap him with food. The poor boy was hungry and ate without hesitation, so he came into the cage. Then they sealed the trap, loaded it into their car, and drove it to the vet.

After further investigation, the veterinarian discovered that he was about two years old. His body was covered with fleas and ticks after surviving on the street for a long time. They had a blood test because he had a high fever. According to the results, he had anaplasmosis. He needed antibiotic therapy and all other treatments because of his health problems.

The unhappy dog ​​began to recover after three weeks of love and care. Baku was given to him by a rescuer who helped him fully recover. They also helped him find a suitable eternal home. He still trusted people and was able to be happy after all he experienced. We were relieved to find out that he is now happy with his wonderful owner and his beloved home. I hope he is always cherished and cared for.

Watch the full rescue here: