A Woman Walking Through The Woods Spotted A Bucket Of Puppies

When the woman and her friend went out for a walk in the afternoon, screams were heard in the distance. They followed the sound and were amazed what they found! Four puppies under one month old were left alone. No other people or mother dog were seen. Who could have left these babies like this? Both women immediately called the local emergency number. The rescue team arrived on time.

Each puppy was bred by a caring woman who inspected them. Fortunately, she had a lot of experience working with animals that fell in this way and was ready to help them. She saw the tick eat the puppy alive. What a catastrophe for a newborn! Two puppies were noticeably thinner than the other two. Their situation was truly precarious. They put the puppy in a bucket and rushed to the veterinary clinic. The veterinarian allowed both puppies to go to the rescue shelter. He points out that more nutrition and treatment for the ticks are needed, but they are doing well otherwise. The two puppies were unable to leave the hospital. He suffered from dangerous anemia from insect bites and malnutrition. They needed additional TLC and transfusions.

You have no idea how scary these puppies were. They are too small and belong to their mother. Thank you to the rescuers for taking turns with the veterinarian while the two puppies were being treated.

Two healthy puppies have already been adopted and are doing well in the shelter. The other two puppies are now at the vet, but they are getting better day by day. Puppies were encouraged by blood infusions. All have been treated for parasites and are tick free.

Thankfully, she and her friend were out for a walk. Otherwise, the puppy would hardly have survived. All four are doing well now.