A Tiny Dog Is So Proud To Ride A Horse Alone

What are the most popular animal duos on the internet? The answer is clear. dog and horse. There are hundreds of combinations you can find on the internet, and I agree that most of them are so cute, but these combinations are really hard to beat.

The reason this chemistry takes place between a horse and a dog is that they both have very similar personalities. Although they may not look alike on the outside, they are much more similar in personality.

They are both very sociable and at the same time very intelligent animals. They really understand each other, so in most cases when horses and dogs live together, they turn out to be very beautiful friendships, unlike dogs and cats or other animal combinations. Aside from the let, people seem to enjoy watching them together, as evidenced by the video of the two animals being together.

Jack Russell Terrier learned to ride alone. Pooch Charlie, now four, learned how to ride a horse from childhood after seeing Imogen Moon, 25, owner of Stanton by Dale in East Mid. Imogen recorded footage showing Smarty, a small puppy behind a horse, while the couple casually ride together.

Imogen, a freelance photographer, said: If this isn’t the cutest rider you’ve seen, I don’t know who it is. Please take a look and tell us what you think of this duo.