A Rare Pair Of Reindeer Twins Survives And Bravely Confronts Odds

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s officially the Christmas season. People hang up their decorations and get into the festive mood.

One of the most common symbols of the holiday is, of course, the reindeer leading Santa’s flying sleigh on Christmas Eve. However, reindeer are also real animals, and although most cannot fly, they can still do amazing things worthy of Rudolph.

Like a pair of newly born reindeer, who are warming your heart this Christmas season by defying all difficulties.

Williams Reindeer Ranch, near Anchorage, Alaska, has kept reindeer for more than 30 years, but they’ve never had reindeer like Spicy and Spike.

When Sugar Mama reindeer gave birth to twins earlier this year, it was a moment of concern for owners. As for reindeer, twins are very rare – and it’s very unlikely that both babies will survive.

“Usually either one of the twins does not survive or the mother does not survive – just the way that twins are,” farm owner Lauren Waite told KTUU. “Reindeer wasn’t made for twins,” she said.

But Spicy and Spike rejected everything. Both were the first to survive on the farm. “We had twins, and none of them survived more than a day,” Lauren said.

“Twins are so special.”

However, the twins had to be separated after they were born. Because the twins survived so unusually, Sugar Mama “had her hands full” raising two children.

The farm decided to raise them separately, leaving their mother to care for Spicy alone, while Spike bottle-fed in the house.

“Sugar Mama is doing a great job raising her calf,” the farm wrote on Facebook, saying the twins were “healthy and thriving.”

The twins are now several months old, and after weaning the twins are finally reunited.

Even after many months apart, they still have a special “twin bond”.

“They’re in the same pen now and they hang out a lot,” Lauren told KTUU. “I think it’s twin telepathy.”