A Polar Bear Cub Waving To A Photographer In Alaska

This is a lovely moment where a pair of polar bears appear to be saying “hello” to the group of people filming them and directly greeting the camera. The beautiful scene was shot by Laura Keene, a 57-year-old amateur photographer, on the Barrier Islands in Alaska.

Incredible snapshots show a one-year-old boy waving at the camera, but the story behind it explains what really happened. After all, the bear (female and two cubs) was actually found far behind another polar bear family. So the youngsters stood up on their hind legs to better understand what was happening.

“It was a surreal moment for the photographer who saw the waves move,” said Laura, a clinical pharmacist. She said, “Intellectually, I knew it was a cub moving to stand upright and keep his balance, but I was desperate to be able to focus on this scene as our ship swaying and departing, so I pressed the shutter.”

Two families of polar bears were warned by a giant male sleeping in the area. Since the males are very aggressive towards their young, the mother has become very cautious.

“That day our bear guide, Ketil Reitan, scanned the island and found two families of bears, each with a mother and two cubs,” Laura explained. “From a distance, he saw unusual behavior, and sometimes a mother bear was standing there.”

“He led the ship to the area, and when we arrived he saw the reason. A huge polar bear was sleeping nearby.”