A Newborn Foal Interacts With A Woman Who Compliments Her

We’ve said many times that foals are the cutest animals in the world, and it’s good to watch them grow. They are very curious about everything, not just other horses. What makes them so endearing and lovable is that they are curious and like to play. It’s always nice to see them playing and exploring. Don’t hesitate to show confidence, playfulness, and happiness.

One of the most adorable foals we’ve seen on the internet is undoubtedly shown in the video below. Her name is Lola and she is very kind to others. She likes to be with people around her, and Lola has her own way of saying thanks when a kind woman compliments her, as seen in the video below.

Lola definitely enjoys interacting with other creatures and poses very confidently in front of her camera. She was born to be a superstar and longs for the attention of others.

This video is proof that horses can form a unique bond even at a young age. Lola is one of those horses that everyone wants to own because not only are they very beautiful, but they are also very lovely and kind. Check out how Lola interacts with women in the video below.