A Man Leaving His Own Birthday Party To Save The Dog From Drowning In The River

38-year-old Gabe Castellanos woke up on his birthday and didn’t know the media would praise him as a hero, but it did happen. When Gabe was enjoying an outdoor birthday party near the East River in New York, he learned of the river commotion. He turned to see what was making the noise and saw a black and white dog trying to float in the water. Gabe acted quickly when surprised bystanders saw the poor puppy struggling. He ran to the pier, took off his underpants, put on a life jacket, and jumped into the sea.

He swam to the terrified dog and tried to catch her, but she immediately turned around and bit his face and hands. He deliberately continued to save the dog, unconsciously of his own blood and pain, until it reached a safe bank.

Observers paid their respects and a helicopter was seen over the rescue dog. When the dog arrived up, she was reunited with her owner, and the story behind her terrifying and thrilling day is revealed. It is said that Harper’s dog escaped from a zookeeper who was hit by a car. No one knows how she got into the river, but she did it and thanks to Gabe’s courage, was saved from drowning.

Gabe credits her ability to rescue a dog to her college water survival skills. Still, he did not escape damage. He was bitten in his hand and face and the dog hit his tooth and needed dental treatment.

We are sorry Gabe was hurt, but still really glad that Harper is safe. The owner is very grateful for everything Gabe did that day, and I’m sure Harper is too.