A Man Adorably Bottle-Feeds An Orphaned Tinny Kitten In The Subway

Gillian Rogers recently witnessed a scene that touched her heart. As a woman was riding the New York subway, a moment of overwhelming emotion unfolded before her eyes. The stranger was feeding a very small kitten in the seat next to her.

Gillian has been saving animals for as long as she can remember. In addition, she also heads the group dedicated to the case, Pet Rescue Squad, Inc. Of course, she saw many touching scenes along the way, but this one really captured her heart. The kindness and compassion this man showed for the little creature on his lap was definitely something she had never seen before.

Speaking for the Dodo, she explained, “He was bottle-feeding her. You can see the attention. My heart feels like it’s about to explode when I see someone with so much care. He was like that in the moment.”

Out of curiosity, Gillian approached the man to ask him about the kitten he was feeding. But not before taking some pictures of them. It turned out that the kind man had actually saved the poor little creature. “He told me he found the kitten alone between two buildings,” the woman recounted. “He said he saved the cat and would keep it fed and fed rather than let it fend for itself.”

Totally moved by this scene, Gillian forgot the man’s name by the time she got off the subway. But his kindness made her a day. But not only her, but as soon as she shared a photo of the two on her social media, they went viral.

“I didn’t expect a photo to resonate like this,” she said. “It was a really special moment. When I got off the train, I felt like I was walking in the sky. It renewed my faith in man.”