A Little Dog Honored After A Bold Rescue

Dogs teach us a lot about being good friends and putting the safety and well-being of others ahead of ourselves. And this story shows that dogs can be great companions as well as heroes.

A single dachshund relentlessly rescued St. Bernard from drowning, and everyone who heard his heroic deeds praised him as a hero. Little dachshund Razor was desperate to save his best friend Jazzy, who fell into the mud. So he reported it to a passing driver in Bellin, New Mexico. The man thought something was wrong, so he informed the authorities.

Owner Tim Chavez is a 180-pound St. I think Bernard got stuck in a cold, muddy ditch and stayed there for over 17 hours. “It means a lot. You don’t realize how much you love your pets until this happens,” said Tim KOAT.

Both are now doing well at home, but things might have been different without the brave little dachshund who reported it to the authorities. Don’t believe St. Bernard doesn’t know that his comrades saved him. As a result, he is generous with his love and can reach out to anyone who can harm him.