A Couple Rescues A Mother Dog And A Puppy Abandoned In Mountains Top

While driving in Greece, Jonathan and Jana ran into a mother dog and puppy who needed help. They stopped quickly and checked the two animals. The couple suggested that the dog was abandoned as soon as it saw them. They couldn’t leave them helpless and two nice humans decided to help them. They found out about DAR Animal Rescue online and turned to the British group GAR for help.

Ermioni and her companion were challenged and rushed to save the animals. It took them three hours to get to their destination. Upon arrival, the dogs were quickly assessed and brought to the shelter in a safe transport box. Finally, with the help of Jonathan and Jana, the dogs were loaded into the carrier. They were terrified and covered the eyes of the frightened dog with a towel.

They delivered the carrier to the shelter and created a warm and welcoming environment for mother and terrified puppy. Because they spent so much time in the mountains, the two animals took longer to adapt to their new environment. Rescuers also realized they needed patience to follow their routine and take care of them. They allow these dogs to enjoy their new home and recharge after a conversation.

The next day, Ermioni took dogs to the vet for examination. Doctors examined them and gave them all necessary medical assistance and attention. Since it may be their first visit to the clinic, Ermioni stayed with them and helped them feel comfortable throughout the procedure. After they received all the help they needed, they returned to the shelter and started a new life with the other dogs. But their epic story did not end there.

One day, Jonathan and Yana decided to return to the shelter and take their two dogs. Now they are living the life they deserve after going through all that has happened to them in the past. We are confident that the loving couple will do their best to keep their beloved dog happy and healthy.

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This is the most amazing rescue!! Thanks to DAR and the lovely couple for deciding to give these two special dogs a lovely and safe home!! Happiness and love to everyone!!