A Brave Teenage And Her Horse Run Through A Snowstorm To Save The Driver’s Life

Who would have known that a teenage girl and her horse would become the hometown heroes of blizzard hometown? A heavy blizzard hit her city, Manitoba, Canada, and an 18-year-old girl named Eileen Eagle Bears looked into a local traffic camera set up along the slick, icy highways.

She thought this would help all drivers and passengers stuck in the snow. Fortunately, there was no driver on the road, and everything seemed to be going well until Eileen saw the semi-trailer, and the driver in it was trapped on an interstate highway about three miles from her home.

Eileen wanted to sympathize with the trapped stranger and do the right thing, so in the morning if the driver was still trapped there, she promised herself that she would try to find him and help him so she took her horse. Worried teenager saw the driver still standing there in the morning. So, to keep the promise, Eileen and her trusty horse, Mr. Smudge trekked three miles in the storm, but found a stranded truck driver.

When the couple found the driver, he was asleep in the truck after a cold, busy night. The driver looked out the window and could not believe he saw a teenage girl and her horse standing with a cup of hot coffee. Like Eileen, you need more people. She made the world a little bit better with this gesture.