A Baby Horse That Has Lost Its Mother Meets A Mare Who Has Lost A Baby

Horses are beautiful and strong animals, but they are not very different from humans in that they can also experience moments of emotion. Zindita gave birth, but unfortunately her cub did not survive. Mother mare was shocked by her loss. But God closes one door and opens another. Two days after Zindita lost her foal, also a filly lost her mother.

Both horses suffered losses, but the excellent Equiception doctors saw an opportunity they could not miss. They were going to tie the two together. As this little horse grows bigger and stronger, we hope that it will become a useful horse. Zindita gave birth early and her life was in danger because the baby was lying upside down in the womb. Tim rescued her, but her baby was born dead.

As a mother, Zindita was distraught. But the kid needed Zindita! She was introduced to filly and their bond was strong. Equiception posted a photo of the two just an hour after submission, which went viral. Zindita looked at the little girl as if she had given birth to her. She takes care of her and keeps her by her side. The baby’s name is Listen Good
(Feel Good x Yolanda).

I really hope she’s listening! The doctor who saved Zindite’s life, Dr. “It is very rare for a mare to accept a filly with such enthusiasm and love,” Patrick Brogan told G1X. “Zindita immediately fell in love with the foal.”

Equiception, where Zindita and Listen Good currently are, was started by Dr. Brogan. It is a company that specialises in the veterinary supervision of reproduction in horses.