A 70-Year-Old Man Rescues A Moose Trapped In Deep Mud

Two retired miners were welcomed as heroes, risking their lives to save an elk from death. A few days ago, Maurice Wallier and Pat Greba, both in their 70s, rescued helpless moose in Timmins, Ontario, from a swamp in the woods. While Wallier was with him, his 82-year-old friend called him and said he had met a moose deep in the woods.

The man did his best to help the poor animal, but to no avail Vallier initially tried to contact the Department of Northern Development, Mining, Natural Resources and Forestry by phone, but unfortunately no one answered his call. So, the brave man anxiously solved the problem with his own hands, and they rushed to save the desperate animal.

The two knew that this could be fatal to an elk at any time, so they hurriedly set out to find the captive animal. They just jumped into an all-terrain vehicle and headed to where a friend took them. But they finally figured it out and it took almost two hours!

Vallier told blogTO: “I was at home and a friend called to say he was taking soil samples in the bushes and he found a moose 20 feet off the road.” “When I got to the trail, I didn’t see anything,” Wallier says. “Then he turned his eyes to look at his head. I said, “Holy Jesus, this is so blocked! He was buried, not imprisoned! “”. The men immediately realized that things were much more complicated with this bewildered elk, barely raising its head. So they first tried to calm him down, then they tried to get him out.

“I am very sorry for him. “His mouth was muddy and also eyes were muddy,” he said. With the help of White Labrador puppies, the caged animals were finally calmed down and a determined man was finally able to save him!

“The dog went up to the elk and lay down with his head down and the elk looked at the dog and said, ‘Oh, okay,'” Wallier explained. “He would have realized that we were there to help him. Otherwise he was exhausted but immediately calmed down.” Greba took the time to take a picture of the dramatic rescue, which was later shared on Facebook by another friend, Bill Desloges. … This picture shows how difficult it is for this poor animal and two brave men to save him.

Finally, the two heroes declared their willingness to help the poor elk. “I was so sorry for him, so it felt good to rescue this poor anmial. He fought and fought and simply couldn’t do it,” said the brave men!

But the men said that this time they were there, but also someone from Timmins would help the moose and will definitely help other animals in need. “We didn’t think it was that important because everyone in Timmins would go out and help,” Wallier said. “We all love the animals here.”