9-Year-Old Boy Feeds Stray Dogs With Pocket Money And Saves Money To Open An Animal Shelter

Most people are indifferent to animals in need, but some are willing to do everything they can to help these innocent creatures. But the story of a 9-year-old boy is truly touching!

Of course, most children of this age spend their pocket money on things like cookies and sweets, but Ken Amante decided to use his money for noble purposes. Fortunately, the child’s gestures didn’t go unnoticed, and his amazing story went viral, and many people around the world wanted to show some kindness to this little hero. Huge donations were raised and the 9-year-old’s dream came true by opening a shelter for all these unfortunate animals.

By nature, he is very kind and humble, and at first no one knew about Ken’s activities. But seeing his son leaving the house full of food (almost every day) his father followed him once, but melted his heart the sight he stumbled upon on several streets away. His child was surrounded by a group of stray dogs, all waving their tails, waiting for their human friends to hand out food.

The proud dad took a picture of his son and later shared it on Reddit. And that’s where it all started! “My son has been feeding stray dogs in the neighborhood for about two weeks,” wrote the man. “Today we went together.”

Soon after, the emotional story went viral on the Internet, and Ken became famous for his kindness. He received a lot of support from animal advocates around the world and fortunately he opened an animal shelter shortly thereafter, The Happy Animals Club.

“I have always loved animals, even when I was a child. I was fond of them even when I was small,” the boy told HNGN. My parents told me that before I could speak, I slept with my father’s cat, Hajimekun. When asked about the animal shelter he opened, Ken said this was his dream from an early age.

“I want to save as many of these dogs as possible from unnecessary suffering,” he explained to METRO. Since 2014, when Ken’s shelter opened, hundreds of animals have been rescued and rehabilitated. They also feed all stray animals in the area. This kid is a hero!