6 Tips that will drastically improve your dog photos

1 Follow the Light
“Always shoot where you get the best light. Usually this ends up being with your dog facing a window, which I like to call ‘glamour lighting’ because your dog ends up being evenly lit in the front and the background can drop off into darkness. Natural light is always much more important than location! If your place is nice and bright, try to keep indoor lights off to avoid having a sickly yellow colour-cast to your images.”

2 Make Some Noise
“To get shots of those adorable head tilts and perked up ears, try making some funny sounds to get your dog’s attention. The trick is to make each sound sparingly and move onto the next one once your dog grows tired of it because new sounds get old really fast. Other things you can use are whistles, kazoos, crinkly plastic bags, and squeaky toys. You can also try saying your dog’s favourite words. Some sweet-talking might get you some irresistible looks.”

3 Shoot Fast and Furious
“Be sure to take lots and lots of frames. That way you can be sure to capture a shot that’s in focus and with your dog looking where you want, doing what you want. And when you shoot a lot of frames, you end up getting images that you never could have thought of shooting. Amazing moments happen in a fraction of a second!”

4 Change Your View
“Try seeing your dog from a completely different angle. Have them lounge on a chair and photograph them from below. Try laying down in the grass and shoot up at your dog. If you try to see their world from a completely different view, you’ll end up with creative and interesting shots that tell your dog’s story from an unusual perspective.”

5 Up Close and Personal
“Don’t forget to take detail shots! Shoot a close up of your dog’s nose or a close up of fur. Take a photo of her paw pads, or the curves of velvety ears. Remember all the little details that make up your dog and photograph all the special places you love to kiss and adore. Even shots of their dog bowls, collars, and leashes will someday make a very special memory.”

6 Stage your Shot
“Home staging can make your photos look polished and professional. Be sure to de-clutter the background and bring in props like colourful pillows, a sheepskin rug or fresh flowers to create a shot that looks stylish and finished. You can add some extra whimsy by decorating with pennant banners, paper garlands, confetti, and balloons. It always helps to have some colour coordination, so if your dog’s collar or toys can coordinate with the decorations in your home, you’ll look like you had an art director help you get the shot.

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