49-year-old Find his Missing Dog in a Fox Hole After 3 Days

Alan Whitton, a 49-year-old life coach from Essex, has always been very attached to his pets. He was devastated when he lost his previous pet, Tinker, but his Jack Russell named Mitzi helped him process his grief. The poor man faced his worst nightmare when Mitzi went missing too.

The 1-year-old Mitzi was walking in a park with Alan when she ran off after being chased by a another dog. Alan spent the whole day looking for Mitzi, but it was as if she had disappeared without a trace. He knew that she would have trouble surviving the bitter cold at night, so he plastered the area with missing posters and sought the community’s help.

Three days after Mitzi’s disappearance, a woman found her dog sniffing around whimpering sounds coming from a foxhole. She was aware about the missing Mitzi, so she immediately informed Alan. Alan arrived and started shoveling through the soil, and soon the locals dropped everything and joined him in digging.

In this video, we see the moment when Mitzi is finally able to peep out of the deep hole. Alan grabs her with difficulty and pulls her out. He breaks down in tears as he hugs Mitzi, while the locals cheer on in happiness.

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