200 Tender Horses, Rescued And Given A New Life

Horses are certainly one of the most popular pets after dogs, but there’s a “not so good” side of this relationship with humans. Not all horse owners treat their horses well, but they are actually considered money-making machines. In today’s world, horses can be a great way to make great profits, and many people want to make the most of them.

The worst thing is that horses are often selected in advance, and horses that are not suitable for the job are not accepted. Fortunately, many cases have been made public, and the whole situation has changed over the years, as it is easier to raise awareness than it was a few decades ago, but the phenomenon is still there.

In the United States, a new animal cruelty law could help lower that number even further, starting the last month of this year, with penalties of up to seven years for animal cruelty. Let’s talk more about this topic with the abuse case below. The Duchess’ Sanctuary is a vast area (or more precisely, a 1,120-acre facility) located in Oregon. This vast land is inhabited by 200 rescued horses that were previously abandoned and improperly farmed.

A woman named Jennifer Koontz lives on the sanctuary and has dedicated her life to caring for these horses. The overwhelming number of horses did not stop Jennifer from taking care of them, as Jennifer already knew all the names and personalities of these horses by heart. Isn’t that surprising? As Jennifer said, “Some of these horses come from the PMU or pregnant mare urine industry. Here, urine is collected to produce CEE or conjugated equine estrogen for use as a hormonal component in the Premarin family used to treat menopausal symptoms. From the female…

According to LCAnimal.org, the whole process consists of keeping the horses in small stables that cannot walk because they have to collect urine. This never happened, thanks to Jennifer these horses are now living their best lives.