Dog was lost for 4 Months He Follow Around Every Woman In Hopes One Is His Mom

A lost dog wandered the streets alone for four long months following around every woman he saw in hopes one of them would be his owner. The stray would constantly run away from rescuers, but it became very obvious he was looking for a specific person. Luckily, some Good Samaritans in the neighborhood were able to feed the dog while he remained a stray.

Then one day, some crew members decided to capture the dog and search for his mom. That’s when they noticed an ID number on the dog’s inner ear, so they entered it into the database. The registered owner was contacted, but the man on the receiving end acted a little surprised at first.

But when the man and woman were shown a video of the stray, the woman couldn’t hold back the tears. It was definitely her dog, Chunjang. The dog was taken to the home, but he’s a little hesitant and unsure. Would he remember his old life and owners? But it’s just a matter of seconds before it all clicked for Chunjang, and it all came back to him!

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