Veteran Wants to see his Dog one Last Time and Share Good Moments

69-year-old veteran, named John Vincent, was recently admitted to a guesthouse in Albuquerque after doctors told him he had no more time. The Vietnam War veteran had no family, so he was forced to hand over his beloved dog, Patch, to Albuquerque Walth Animal, before leaving for hospitality.

At the inn, John may have thought his end was near, so he expressed his last wish to a care worker – he wanted to see Patch before the time was up! The shelter agreed to this and immediately arranged to reunite John and Patch one last time.

When this sweet union finally took place, John tightened his Patch tightly and burst into tears. He held her close to his heart and hugged her for hours. John hopes Patch is never alone and that a good family adopts his sweet son after he has run away. Let’s spread the word and help Patch find a home forever.

Update: Shelter has updated that Patch has been approved! Many people were interested in Patch after his reunion photos with John went viral. Finally, the shelter chose a suitable home for the Patch, where he could live his days in peace.
This story has left us in tears. In fact, nothing can replace the love of a dog!


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