Vet perform rare Heart Surgery on dying pup

A tiny puppy underwent a rare and life-saving open heart surgery after he was rescued by S&C Rescued Me, a non-profit in Lorain County, Ohio, that helps animals with special needs from injuries to amputees and birth defects.

Crystal Mills and Sara Huntsman started the rescue group together after working in veterinary medicine and seeing all the animals with serious medical conditions who were just ignored and discarded as trash.

One of those dogs was a Pudelpointer puppy named Albert, who was diagnosed with Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA), a condition where a band forms around the esophagus in-utero, constricting it and preventing the animal from eating and eventually growing.

Due to his condition, he was born weighing 1.5 pounds, more than seven pounds less than he should’ve.

If Albert didn’t receive help quick, he would die.

Mills and Huntsman took him in and hand-fed him around the clock for weeks until he was strong enough for potential life-saving surgery.

Once Dr. Randy Hutchison, of Animal Clinic Northview, felt it was time, he performed the rare, life-saving open-heart surgery, which lasted more than an hour.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success, and Albert is now able to eat and gain weight. Aside from a big scar that covers his body, Albert is in great shape.

At 12-weeks-old, he is now growing as he should and running around like nothing ever happened. He will eventually be put up for adoption to find a loving forever home.

Thanks to Mills and Huntsman, as well as Dr. Hutchison, Albert will now get to live a happy, normal life.

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