Two White Walkers, Furry Friend Edition, DANTE (The Dog) & ABYZOU (The Kitty)

Sorin Popa from Brasov, Romania, adopted a puppy named Dante, her house was filled with joy. But soon, she realized that little Dante was lonely and needed a friend. So she decided to visit a local shelter and adopt a sister for her.

Sorin’s plans were reburied when she received a phone call from her sister about a hungry and naked kitten. The kitten, named Abyzou, was trapped on a construction site and coveted a house. She continued to look at every stranger with love and hope. Sorin moved into Abyzou’s serious condition and immediately brought her home.

When Sorin cleared all the dirt from Abyzou’s coat, she discovered she had the same spotless white coat as Dante. They would be perfect sisters. She introduced Abyzou to her essential brother and welcomed their reaction.

At their first meet, Dante and Abyzou stared at each other for quite a while. They sniffed each other while registering their similar features, but were still scared to make a move. Eventually, Abyzou was the first to break the ice when she reached out and drank from Dante’s bowl! A friendship was born!

In time, Dante and Abyzou became inseparable. They like to watch the day go by as they sit on the balcony, share each other’s secrets, and fill their home with endless love. Sorin is amazed at the way they reflect each other’s movements as well. We think they were destined to find each other!

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