Two Puppies Now Are Comfortable in Their New Home

Hasky Siberian was only 3 years old when her mom brought home a little puppy named Enzo.
Shira was very excited at first that she now had a little brother but later realized that the house her mom had built for her was too small for two dogs.
Shira fully adored the arrival of her younger brother but now fears that she will have to sacrifice her room to accommodate her younger brother.

But her mom realized this and a brilliant idea came to her mind. She started organizing a renovation of the existing house and turned it into a mini-castle.
The house she built now has several rooms, a balcony and a toy box. Now there is enough room for both dogs and it guarantees them a wonderful time to grow together.

Rain was very happy when she greeted Enzo at her new home. She showed them around and helped him calm down with the stairs leading to the balcony. What luck Enzo has now that she has her very good sister.
Mia recently went to check on her puppy after she returned home and she was very excited when she saw the two dogs resting together in their new home. They deserved it.

Click on the video below to see their beautiful home.

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