Two Chihuahua Defeat Giant Dog in the Fight to Pull the Rope

We all know that Chihuahuas are dogs that move a lot all the time.
When Mom left her two little puppies Chihuahua with big dog Bernese Mountin she knew they were safe next to him.
But the opposite happened when she returned to the room surprised by what they saw had started a battle game that is “pulling the rope”.

We will see in the video below that the two Chihuahua puppies approach their big brother’s dog while he was playing the rope with his toy, one of the chihuahuas pulls the rope immediately and challenges him to a war game. The big dog thinks it’s just fun and plays with them.

But after a while both puppies got up against the big dog and started pulling the rope aggressively.
The big dog doesn’t take the game so seriously to keep his toy despite the fact that he does his best to keep it, but in the end the two chihuahua puppies snatch the rope from his mouth and they proudly announce their victory.

The big dog feels upset by his loss, he turns to his mom and with one glance it seems as if he is complaining that he was treated badly by his two little sisters. This was not the result we expected but the Chihuahuas are pure creatures and their fiery enthusiasm is no joke.

In video below watch how the little Chihuahuas defeated their big brother!

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