Tiny Kittens Found Abandoned On Road Now Have The Greatest Foster Dad

Dog adopts stray cats – rescue dog meets orphan kittens and decides to foster & adopt them. These little cats were rescued by Howl Of A Dog. They don’t have a mother cat but they get a loving foster dog dad instead. What can be said about such adorable cute funny kitties?

They are just the perfect addition to any family. Our rescue dog Safin, a black Pointer mix, is taking good care of them and they form the cutest little pack possible, but they need a home to call their own.

Volunteers gave them medical baths to treat fleas that covered their bodies. Although they were not thrilled with the water, they loved the gentle and loving touch of their saviors.

After they were dried up and placed inside, both kittens had the opportunity to meet someone very special… Safin! Not only did he like to meet the kittens, he felt a relative, knowing that he had been where they were once before.
A new love was born that day, a love that would never fade. Safini became the careful father of the kittens. It was truly magical!

The gray cat is Mistigri and the ginger is Biscotte. Kittens are 4 months old, fully vaccinated, healthy, friendly and very lively and they are looking for their perfect home.


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