This superhero Dog Saves Drowning Bird From Pool

Mariana often lets her adorable pooch, Yago, bask in the early morning sun. One such morning, while she was still asleep, she heard strange fluttering noises from outside and decided to investigate.

She followed the noise to the window and glanced over to the patio to see Yago running around frantically. She looked closer to see a little pigeon fighting for her life in the family’s garden mini pool.

But Yago’s magnanimous heart wouldn’t let him sit by and watch the bird drown. He had to do something. He rushed his brain to think of all the possible ways he could save the bird. Before mom could fully realize what was happening, Yago had already thought of something that could work.

In this video clip, we see Yago following the excruciating screams of the little birdie. You will have to see for yourself to soak in the sheer brilliance of Yago’s strategy to save her. Thanks to Yago’s big heart and cleverness, the bird was able to fly away safely. Hail Yago, our true superhero!

Click the video below to watch Yago save the bird!

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