This Man is Hero He Risks Losing His Hand To Save Tiny Kitten

Street animals are often unaware of the dangers of running amidst cars. This video from Russia shows how a brave man’s prompt action helped save the life of a kitten who was about to be run over by a car.

This video is from the dash cam footage of the rescuer’s car. The man is seated in his car in the heavy traffic, when he sees the kitten attempting to cross the road. However, the poor kitten gets intimidated by the moving cars, and ends up hiding herself under a parked car.

Soon, the man sees that the parked car’s driver has started the car. The rescuer jumps out of his car in panic and calls out to the accelerating car to stop. But the other driver can’t hear him, so the man quickly tucks his hand under the car and pulls the kitten out. The man’s hand could have been run over by the wheels any second, but thankfully both he and the kitten were unharmed!

The man later placed the kitten on the safe pavement built for pedestrians. The kitten hopped off into the crowd, barely even realizing the danger she was in. After watching this video, it is evident that the kitten would not have lived if it wasn’t for the man’s courageous and quick thinking act. We salute him for saving an innocent life!

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