This Dog like a human Love For A Song On The Radio

Animals are intelligent creatures and are intelligent enough to observe the world in a way that most people do. Some people may not understand it but animals have thoughts, feelings, and they even enjoy music!

Take for instance this adorable Pit Bull named Tank. He is a music lover, but only responds when his favorite genre comes on…

It doesn’t matter if his parents play rock ‘n roll, jazz, hip hop, or classical — Tank is not impressed.

But as soon as they turn to his favorite radio station, he loses it!

In fact, if something else is on the radio, he can’t even bear it. Tank should listen to his favorite jams, then he might have a good time, singing along to the music.

His singing may be a little important, but you have to hand it to Tank, his enthusiasm makes up for it!

If you are curious what music your pets like, just let them listen to the radio for a while; you might just be surprised to see how they end up acting!

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