This Dachshund Had A Giant Belly Then Rescuers Were Floored When She Started Popping Out Pups

The paralyzed Maria Dachshund was forcibly raised by the owners of the dog mills, despite her poor health. Livestock farmers threw it away when they discovered it would need a $ 3,000 C section due to pregnancy complications. She was very pregnant when she was found in pain crawling on the street and begging for help.

Staff at the Friends Of Emma Medical Rescue in Texas took Maria inside and tended to her body infected by the flea covered in the wound. The poor dog was emotionally exhausted after her ordeal, while anemia and infections made her survival even more challenging. But thanks to the loving and dedicated rescue team, Maria healed and gave birth to 7 healthy puppies!

Maria and her puppies are affectionately called the “Von Dapp Family” by her rescuers. The puppies were soon adopted into loving families. As for Maria, rescuers helped her walk again with the help of intensive physiotherapy. She still has minor problems with her hind legs, but is no longer paralyzed.

According to a recent update, Maria has also found a comfortable home to spend the rest of her days in peace. The filthy owners of the puppet mill were never punished for their object of abusive breeding. Many other dogs are still tortured in dog mills across the country. Let us raise our voice against the abuse suffered by dogs in dog mills!
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