The dog refuses to play, but the Child gives him a big hug

One of the things you feel in the world is to look at a small child who makes a strong connection with the dog.

Staying with a dog can actually benefit from faster physical and psychological development for a child.
Having a pet is also good for relieving stress.

Also seems to make different games with the dog makes you feel happier.
Moreover, children also learn about loyalty, devotion and empathy.
In the video below it is noticed that this boy has a heart full of love.
He wants to play with his dog but the puppy is just playing the role of the lazy.
The little boy throws the ball again and again the dog does not move to catch it.

But that doesn’t mean he’s less loved. The boy walks upstairs and wraps his arms around the pooch in an adorable hug. Maybe the puppy was trying to teach his son to play game. Either way, they are still the best buds at the end of the day.

Click on the video below and watch real Love.!

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