The dog is caught by cameras taking packages from the door of a foreign house

A Texas family was baffled when their packages kept going missing from their porch, so they took to their security camera footage to catch the culprit.

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered that their package thief was not a person, but a dog!

The dog, who’s been wandering the neighborhood as a stray, lies in their yard while the mailman walks up to the front door and drops off a package.

The dog continues to lie there, waiting for the mailman to get back into his car and drive away. Once he’s gone, the stealthy dog gets up and wanders towards the door. He quickly checks out the package, grabs it in his mouth, and strolls off with it.

Since the dog waited for the mailman to leave, it seems as if this dog knew exactly what he was doing!

Luckily, the family did get their packages back. Neighbors returned them after finding them with the pooch.

Residents of the neighborhood will continue to feed and care for the stray pup, but we can only hope that he finds a home very soon so that he doesn’t have to wander the neighborhood as a thief any longer.

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