Team Vets Hunt Critically Endangered Wolf Pups to Save Them

The Mexican gray wolf, a subspecies of the gray wolf, is critically endangered, with only about 140 living in the wild.

According to Defenders of Wildlife, the Mexican Gray Wolf remains the most endangered subspecies of wolf in the world, due to “compromised genetics, human intolerance and reluctance to release more individuals and bonded pairs to the wild.”

Because of this, Rebecca Bose and her team of veterinarians and volunteers from the Wolf Conservation Center in upstate New York, are hunting these endangered wolf cubs.

But it’s not the ‘hunting’ you are thinking of.

The team is finding these cubs so they can save them and bring them to see doctors at the center. There, they are given a full health exam, and the team is working as hard as they can restore the diminished population.

While the center is hard at work saving Mexican gray wolves, they are also in the process of rebuilding the population of red wolves as well.

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