Surprising Animal Friends Playing Together

Why be normal when you can be different? When animal friends are unlikely to get along, magic happens. When that magic is captured on video, the Internet explodes.
This is exactly the formula that speakers in the use of Android in their completely adorable, oh-so-swoon-valuable video that appears from the usual animal boxes.

Hearts immediately melt with the first image of an orangutan and his hound. How can you look away? Answer: You can’t because a flurry of furbabies is about to take hold of your emotions.

Cats and baby ducks? A lion cub and a child bulldog playing together? Check. A dog pushing his cat on a stroller? We two dogs dare to look away. But wait, there’s more.

Rinoceros of sheep and babies walking along a dirt road can cause some smiles. Of course, sheep depend on careless elephants in the world.

It’s all magical in the place of animal lovers who are unlikely. Can you imagine how well the world would feel if we all put our differences aside and dare to be friends? Here is the advertisement in all its glory that brings smiles.


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