Stray Kitten Waits Outside For Her Puppy Friend Every Single Day, But Now They Live in the Same Home

The Plajes life changed when she received a birthday present for a adorable dog.
Taco is a small puppy full of energy, he brought joy to the life of Plaja and her husband in a very short time.
But they did not know that they would soon welcome another small pet.
When Plaja was out and continuing to train with Taco, she noticed a tiny kitten being thrown under a parked car.
She was immediately fascinated by Taco and vice versa.

The little kitten had barely survived the pieces of food a neighbor was feeding.

It was probably the first time that this kitten had the chance to make a new furry friend.From that day on, whenever Taco went for a walk, the little kitten was there to greet him.
The kitten started waiting for them outside their building. Taco began to hate him for going out, it seems his new friend was there alone.

After a few days, Plaja decided to bring the kitten to the shepherd after a rainstorm continued. The kitten’s relationship with Tacon became very strong, and Plaja knew they couldn’t separate her from Taco.
So they decided to adopt the kitten and call it Tequila.
The two are now real friends, always playing together, eating and sleeping together.

Click one the video below and see Taco and Tequila playing together

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