Smith and His 92-Year-Old Granny Surprise Alzheimer’s Patients with Lovely Puppies

Rossi Smith and his grandmother, already known for their cute videos on youtube, have already decided to do something different and a little more serious.

The two came together to visit patients suffering from Aleimer’s disease at the nursing home, but thought something else from a normal visit they brought with them some very adorable little dogs.
Smith and grandmother thought puppies would be the perfect surprise to help make patients happy during the holidays.
They give the puppies some special clothes like pumpkins as pilgrims.
The visit goes very well as they decide to continue it throughout the year.
The patients were sad and lonely, but as soon as they handed them over, The seniors immediately grew very happy and could not stop laughing.

Their surprise was not over yet, they have partnered with a Chicago pillow manufacturer to give the seniors a pillow with a picture of the puppy they got to hold on it so they can have it forever!

Click on the video below and see their good work.

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