Sick Kids fisrt Smile After Meeting Therapy Dog

The Philadelphia Children’s Hospital recently introduced dog therapy to help sick, abused, and hopeless children smile again. They successfully embarked on three dogs named Cyrus, Cooper and Meatloaf and will soon be getting more dogs!

Doctors are already noticing the positive effects of the healing presence of these dogs. Cyrus, one of the therapy dogs, was born with lost front legs. He is a special favorite with children with disabilities as it makes them feel better monumental.

Doctors have found that children do not find it difficult to take their pills when these dogs are around. The children stay calm and their families feel comforted by the soothing atmosphere of these sweet dogs as well.

The hospital and families are grateful for their donors and owners who have volunteered their dogs in this program. The hospital will soon receive a new therapy dog in the settlement. This will help the children to have a 24/7 companion to find comfort. What a noble endeavor! We wish the hospital all the best!


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