Shelter Dog Gives Brith 20 Lovely Puppies, Breaks Record

Animal Shelter Smith County workers rescued a very pregnant Heeler-Lab mixture called Luna from the streets of Texas. After rescuing her, she quickly went to work. Luna gave birth to 2 puppies normally, but then she started having complications.

After 8 hours, Luna was still at work. Thus, she was rushed to the Royal Veterinary Clinic in Flint. There, she gave birth to 18 more cubs through an emergency C section! Sadly, her two puppies did not survive.

While the birth of 20 puppies is a record in itself, Luna’s health suffered a serious setback in the process, which could have been prevented if she had been sprayed. Her weak body does not produce milk as required. Currently, Luna and her puppies are taking care of Luna’s nursing home.

Meanwhile, housing is also struggling with a resource constraint following a $ 1,200 operation by Luna. They are asking animal lovers to help them and Luna’s family by donating to their PayPal account.

Another concern of the shelter has been the lack of potential supporters and adopters. The shelter already has 68 animals waiting to be adopted. They hope that more people will volunteer and escape this contagious situation. Take the floor and help these pets find caregivers and permanent homes.

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