Senior Blind Dog With Brain Tumor Gets Dumped but it finds a new home

Figgy the 18-year-old blind Poodle has spent his life loving his owners. Despite his lifelong dedication, his shameless owners tossed him aside when they learned that he was suffering from a possibly life-threatening brain tumor. They simply brought him to a shelter and left him to die all alone.

The shelter, called “Muttville Senior Dog Rescue”, has revealed that when the owners were asked about the reason for surrender, they simply stated that Figgy is a “slow and stupid” dog and they didn’t want him around anymore. They were completely unbothered by the poor dog’s terminal illness, and made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with the liability of owning an old dog.

Figgy, who weighs just 6 lbs and has trouble walking due to arthritis, has been in a constant state of desolation after being dumped. The shelter wants to help the dog find a proper home where he can spend his final days in peace and comfort. Figgy has suffered enough at the hands of his merciless owners. Let’s help him find a loving forever home for his final days!

Update: The shelter has updated that they have placed Figgy with an amazing foster mom. She has lots of experience with pet hospice care and will make sure that Figgy’s golden years are cozy and painless and filled with love! Figgy has already warmed up to his new home and is enjoying the new sounds and smells. Keep smiling, Figgy!

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