Rescue of Senior Dog, He Didn’t Know How to Ask for Help

A dog named Arnie was abandoned by his owners at a deserted gas station on the freeway near Athens, Greece. He begged every stranger for help but no one ever stopped and cared for him. After months of suffering, Arnie became skinny and sick with mange. He also developed an extreme mistrust of humans.

One day, a woman noticed Arnie’s sad eyes and showed him some love. Arnie instantly warmed up to her, so the woman called “SCARS” volunteers to help rescue Arnie. This heartbreaking video shows the intense struggle endured by the volunteers as they tried to get the fearful Arnie to trust them.

Eventually, the volunteers were able to rescue the scared pooch with the help of the woman who contacted them. The kind woman has now decided to regularly visit Arnie at the shelter and help him heal from his emotional scars. Arnie is gentle and submissive, and longs for a family’s love. Let’s spread the word and help him find an ideal forever home.

Update: The shelter has updated that Arnie has finally been adopted! He’s now named Barney, and lives with his mom, Marilli. He has 1 dog and 5 cat siblings, and is no longer sad and lonely. In fact, he has become quite a funny, happy-go-lucky boy in his new home. Way to go, Barney! A big thank you to the woman who showed him some love and helped rescue him!

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