Puppy Wants To Live, Gets His Second Chance

A homeless puppy named Emu had a very unfortunate start in life. He not only starved on the streets, but infectious mange had further foiled his chances at a healthy life. He was soon captured and taken to a vet to be euthanized.

As soon as Emu arrived at the euthanasia table, he broke down and hugged the vet desperately. He didn’t want to go away so soon, and begged the vet to give him another chance. The vet was moved by Emu’s pleas, and decided to save him! Emu was then taken to Sidewalk Specials, where the volunteers started caring for him.

Emu soon left his skittish side behind and opened up to his rescuers and other dogs. Even so, many people who saw him considered him “ugly”, which put a huge dent on his adoption prospects. Emu has fought all odds to stay alive. Let’s help this gorgeous pooch find a loving forever home. Spread the word.

Update: Sidewalk Specials has updated that Emu found a forever home on their “Adoption Day” event. They have thanked every person who shared his story and donated toward his healing. Emu is now named “Nutzie”, and is completely unrecognizable as a well-fed and groomed dog. What an incredible journey!

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