Puppy Hiccups and she Blocks the Entire Couch so Funny

Raven the Great Dane “puppy” is just 9 months old, but her growth spurt is no joke! At 125lbs, the puppy is already is huge girl. She’s already taking up the entire couch, and she still has lots of growing left to do!

As the coronavirus scare has been looming over the world, a large part of the population has been forced to adhere to the lockdown rules to contain the virus spread. But for Raven, the downtime simply means dozing off on the couch more often!

The young girl can be found blissfully sprawled out on the couch these days. With Raven’s massive body, there’s hardly any space left whenever she decides to nap on the family’s comfy couch. Raven’s family decided to film her during one of her adorable naps, but the poor dog unwittingly ended up letting out a series of hiccups.

As we see in this video, Raven feels bothered by the pesky hiccups and she wants them to go away soon. Not knowing what to do, the innocent dog twists and turns on the couch. She finally finds a comical position in which the hiccups go away. So she continues her nap in this hilarious position!

After getting rid of the hiccups, Raven slips back into her deep slumber, as if nothing troublesome had ever happened! We can definitely learn a thing or two from Raven about spending quality time during the lockdown. Her tranquility in this video is super contagious!

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