Puppy Found Abandoned at Homeless Camp, Deputy Heroic Rescue

Deputy Hart from The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was near a homeless camp during the weekend, when the distressed whimpers of a puppy attracted his attention. The deputy soon discovered a tiny, helpless puppy by the camp, struggling to survive without food or water.

Apparently, the puppy’s owners had dumped him to die by the camp off Hwy 92 near I-75. The puppy was in a “bad situation”, and starvation and dehydration had hit him pretty hard. Deputy Hart wasted no time and scooped up the puppy in his arms.

The puppy was so happy to be saved that he immediately started cuddling with his savior. Later, Deputy Hart brought the puppy to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. The puppy got a primary health evaluation, and is now receiving all the care he needs.

The puppy will not be up for adoption until he is healthy enough. The Sheriff’s Office later took to social media to update the people on the puppy’s rescue. Many community members have shown interest in adopting the puppy whenever he is ready. We thank Deputy Hart for going out of his way and saving the life of this precious puppy. He’s a true hero

The puppy will get care at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter before being put up for adoption.

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