Police Officer Risked His Own Life To Save Sick Bear in the Street

Baby bear cubs are absolutely adorable, but folks who work around areas where bears live know better than to approach them. Although they look cute, baby cubs are always being watched by their protective moms. When State Trooper, Thomas Owens, came upon the scene of a baby cub in trouble, he knew he had to help.

The trooper watched from a safe distance as the mama bear crossed the road in the New Hampshire town, with several cubs following close behind. Over and over, they crossed and crossed. One of the tiny cubs was clearly too weak to walk. The mama bear tried to help the little guy along, but he just could not stand up. She had to keep moving with the remaining cubs, as hard as it must have been to do so.

The trooper called the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife phone number to get help. He knew that if he tried to touch or help the sick cub, the mama bear would be very unhappy if she came back.

Thankfully, the bear cub was taken to a rehab center. Amazingly, the trooper told the officials that there were actually five cubs in total. Officials went back and discovered yet another sick cub, who came to the rehab center with his brother.

Once the two cubs recover, they will be released back to the wild where mama bear can have her whole family together again.

We love feel-good stories with happy endings, and we salute the state trooper and all the officials who gave these bear cubs the help they needed.

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