Orphaned Kitten Dumped By Owners, But Finally is Adopted By an Animal Lover Family

Mr. Tiny Pants is a tiny kitten who had a very rough start in life. His owners abandoned him on the streets after he was orphaned, with his umbilical cord still attached. The poor boy was just lying there, slowly starving and perishing to death.

Thankfully, someone picked up the dying kitten and sent out a plea for help on social media. A Florida woman named Beth Walden and her daughter immediately decided to foster the little one and help him survive. As soon as Beth brought Mr. Tiny Pants home, her 3 dogs heard the cries of the kitten and came running!

The dogs instantly took to the tiny, helpless creature and started protecting him. The female Frenchie was quick to act on her maternal instincts, and started licking the kitten. Salvador the dog was also quick on his feet, and came to check on the baby whenever he heard his squeaky meows.

The initial few days were very critical for Mr. Tiny Pants. He was not only weak, but also kept looking for his mama and his siblings. But with Beth’s untiring care and the dogs’ loving guardianship, he soon started hitting various milestones of growth. He is doing fantastic now, and has the best family to grow up in. What a lucky kitty!

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