New Puppy in Home and Here Comes just a little jealous

Anyone who has a Great Dane knows how affectionate and cuddly they are. They are massive but think they are tiny lap dogs. They can never get enough affection. At first I was concerned getting such a big dog but now I will ALWAYS have a Great Dane in my life. Best dog ever.

Dogs are so loving and loyal, and they can become very jealous when their owners show any affection to anyone or anything else. It feels so good to know you’re loved and they care so much, right? Well, take a look at a case of extreme jealousy in the video below!

Mom introduces the new pup to the dogs, and they calmly and curiously check it out. Mom’s biggest boy lets out a few “words,” but it’s otherwise going pretty smoothly. Have you ever seen such jealousy? But you can tell he’s very loved by his mom and family.

But when Mom sets the puppy down and it crawls over to its new bed, that’s when the Great Dane’s true colors show and the jealousy comes out. If Mom’s going to hold some puppy, she’s going to have to hold her gentle giant too! The jealous boy puts his paws on her shoulders and holds on for good.

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