Mom Is “Shocked” When Chocolate Lab Gives Birth To Green Puppy

Parents Mark and Elaine Cooper were excited to welcome the fruits of their reception at the chocolate bar in Labrador called Milly. But when the puppies arrived , the couple was shocked to see a bright green puppy in the litter of the golden mini Labradors!

Elaine initially thought it was the placenta that made the puppy look so green. But after some research, she realized that the green hue had nothing to do with the placenta, but a green bile pigment called Biliverdin!

Apparently, Biliverdin can stain the puppy’s coat if it mixes with the fluid that protects the puppy inside the womb. It is extremely rare and as per Elaine’s research, this is only the third recorded case of a green puppy!

Elaine has named the pup Fifi, after the ogre Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies. However, Fifi won’t stay tinted forever. The “greenness” will eventually fade away when she starts to grow.

In Fifi’s case, the intensity of the mining colors of her coat has already begun to wear off. It was only a matter of time before she began to resemble her brothers and sisters dressed in gold. However, she will always remain special to Mark and Elaine. How rarely is it cute, isn’t it?


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