Missing Child And Dog Scared in Cold Finally are Found, Thank You Volunteer Searchers

When six-year-old Ethan Haus got off the school bus in Becker, Minnesota, he went to play with his dog, Remmie. Not long after, his family noticed both the child and the pooch were missing.

Ethan’s family immediately alerted authorities, and 650 volunteers in the community spread out to search for the duo.

According to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office, a private drone operator sent out a drone with heat-seeking technology in the early morning hours. The drone’s technology honed in on the boy and his dog who were found lying down in a cornfield about 1-1/2 miles from their home.

The boy’s loyal pet never wavered from his side. The thermal imaging drone honed in on the pair curled up together. Once rescuers made their way into the cornfield, Ethan reported he heard helicopters overhead and that he was cold.

In an interview with local media, Ethan thanked everyone who helped find him and gave his adorable dog some well-deserving praise.

Thank goodness for a happy ending, a devoted dog, and a community that cares.

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