Mastiff dog Helps elementary kid to be stronger by serving as therapy dog

The little children at River Bend Elementary School in Virginia now have something to smile about whenever they think of school. The educators have noticed a massive change in the students’ behavior ever since they introduced Gabriel, a 200-pound therapy dog, into their classrooms!

Gabriel, or Gabe, might be a huge 4-year-old Mastiff, but he is the gentlest creature around these kids. The kids lose their nervousness around him and happily share their inner-dialogues with him in a relaxed manner. They even write heartwarming letters to him about their day-to-day struggles.

The school’s educators are calling Gabe’s presence a blessing, as they are now able to closely help each child deal with their troubles. Apart from that, the children also learn valuable lessons in responsibility through Gabe. By caring for him, taking him for walks and bringing him water, the children are enlightened on how to care for and nurture others!

Gabe is not just a comfort animal for the kindergarten kids, but he also helps the older students deal with their anxieties. It is amazing how a therapy dog can play such a vital role in raising wholesome and upright children. We wish every school has a therapy dog of their own! Let’s spread the good word about the importance of therapy dogs in schools!

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