Married Couple seeks Donations for Animal Shelter instead of Gifts for There Wedding

Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham, a newlywed couple from Ohio, decided to forgo their wedding gifts and asked their guests to donate to a local animal shelter instead. While many guests were apprehensive at first, each one of them did turn up with a meaningful donation in cash or kind to “Wayne County Humane Society”!

The shelter workers were deeply moved by the couple’s grand gesture. By the end of the wedding, the shelter received over 1,200 cans of wet food, 750 pounds of dry food, loads of cleaning supplies and $2,000 toward their medical fund.

Thanks to the massive amount donated, the shelter was able to provide life-saving medical treatment for their 2 sick cats, Peaches and Debbie. When asked about their decision of opting for animal donations instead of wedding gifts, the animal-loving couple said that making a donation to the shelter made perfect sense to them!

Jeananne hopes that their unique move inspires other newlyweds to donate to a cause close to their heart too. What a thoughtful idea! We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness and thank them for their generosity and kind gesture!

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